Latest 5 minute challenge

After deciding once again to challenge myself to building a site in PHP and CSS in 5 minutes with only a database sitting in the background already setup; my latest attempt has been upload.

Not exactly the most pretty site on the internet but, it is not the worst either! Most of my time was spent on the CSS but as my stopwatch approached the 3 minute mark I knew it was time to tackle the simple php.

If you notice, on clicking a link (only 3 work, ran out of time), I decided to write pages as functions! Sounds weird BUT when you think about it, 1 index page so you do not duplicate for about etc. For small sites … its still not a good idea.

Would have saved so much time just copying the index htlm and pasting into another file, changing two or three lines instead of a bunch of IF statements.┬áSimplistic yes, but so ugly. More time on the challenge would have given me a chance to slap down the code and make it so adding a different number or variable wouldn’t display a blank page, also add to the .htaccess to hide all the things!

If I have any free time over the coming days will do a 10 minute challenge, more results!


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Apache Cipher fun hour!

More and more issues popping up everyday with more people attempting to attack servers… life gets interesting. If like me you love your servers to get a A or better on SSL labs* then heres a little cipher list for you:


SSLProtocol All -SSLv2 -SSLv3
SSLHonorCipherOrder On
SSLHonorCipherOrder On


Just remember, make your life easier if you are running many different vhosts – make the ciphers generic across your server, dont leave yourself open.

*At time of writing all servers / vhosts hitting A rating (brought down from A+ due to deciding not to support old browsers, not my fault if they wont upgrade!)

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Back up and running

After what can only be described as a very long time the website is back up and running. It has been over 6 years since the last post and when I was told the site had been renewed I decided that it was time to use this site as a personal repository for all projects.

I will be posting as much content on this site as possible relating to my own works which are going to be in the public domain for free (such as my squid scripts and radius tweaks), I have been asked why I would offer these things for free and my answer will always be the same:

If I can help one person fix their problem then I am happy.

Hours wasted on issues with no help from the internet, NO MORE! If you find (in the future) this site and find a solution, please leave a comment.

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